The inwarders

24: How to best contribute to our kids growth and wellbeing

November 26, 2021

In serie n°24 of "The inwarders” Podcast, Annabelle asks Mikan how we can best contribute to our kids’ growth and wellbeing.

As adults we are conscious of being on a spiritual path. We read the books, listen to the podcasts, watch the videos, talk to our coach or therapist, whatever it is we are actively going inward. But one day, as parents, it is no longer about our growth. So I wondered if I could support my children’s on their own path. So they would also know who they are, being able to experience life with the least amount of resistances possible. That’s what I “want” for them. And that’s precisely the problem.

While Mikan is answering my question, I realize I want to contribute to my children’s growth to avoid for them to go through the challenges and suffering I went through before experiencing the Presence within.

But what Mikan answers is that we are all already doing the best we can. At the level of consciousness we are at. And that’s fine. Whatever or whenever we feel this is not enough, we need to address it. And by following our internal intuition, we will be best guided in supporting our kids’ growth and wellbeing, only if that is required and / or they show a special interest for it.



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