The inwarders

20: Experiencing delays in awakening

October 29, 2021

In serie n°20 of "The inwarders" podcast, Annabelle and Mikan discuss how it is possible to experience being delayed in awakening from the perspective of our Ego Mind while Being at the same. This experience is due to some remaining karma that needs to be addressed or being consciously experienced.

At the same time we are aware of searching, working hard at awakening we can notice that which is aware of this delay within us, it is called the direct path, and all of it is just Being. From the perspective of Being, there is no linear progression.

But to become aware of the Ego Mind as being part of Being, without separation, we need to cease rejection. For example, stop rejecting who we are, including our Ego Mind self, personality, etc. Or stop rejecting an experience. Ironically, while recording, Annabelle experienced many disturbances (from outside and inside her home), some have been removed during editing, and some have been kept to show how she embraces the experience and just accept what is already there.

This unusual recording holds two practical examples of how we become aware of what’s in our experience and just accept it.


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